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Tony Wright

Living in Otley, I count myself a lucky guy. Close to the brilliant cities of Leeds and Bradford, easy to get out into the countryside and a little market town full of brilliant independent shops. There are some wonderful coffee shops in town too, none more so than Bloomfield Square.

It's run by Tony Wright, Bradford-born lead singer of Terrorvision. You remember them?

"Whales and Dolphins. WHALES AND DOLPHINS YEAH!"

What does Tequila do? It makes you happy.

Come on, you all know that one.

Anyway, I had chance to catch up with Tony in an interview for Backseat Mafia, and we had a brilliant chat about music, performing, politics, coffee shop etiquette and whether Priti Patel has ever heard Doesn't Bleed Red.

Have a little read here if you've got 5 mins

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