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6 weeks of Spring

Six weeks into lockdown, and I'm certain many of us are getting equally fed up with being stuck at home or in our towns and villages.

I've just been watching the news and seeing the Spanish emerge from their lockdown as they're now permitted to exercise. I can't imagine having been locked in for 45 days so I'm still very grateful for the chance to go out and walk around here.

We went out for an hour or so today, starting and finishing at the top of the garden.

As we walked around towards the Chevin, spring is in full bloom, flowers and blossom lining the route. There's been an increasing focus on mental health of late, as the lockdown begins to affect people in different ways - some struggling to find new routines, missing friends and family or concerned or even scared to leave the house in the current situation. Being able to get out, exercise and enjoy the natural surroundings certainly helps me and if you're able to get out (safely) then there are so many benefits.

As we walked, there were some beautiful birds to see and enjoy. A pair of kites turned and tumbled acrobatically. Swallows soared overhead while a curlew gave us a low and noisy fly past.

We watched a kestrel floating on the updraft, hovering but barely flapping its wings.

As we walked the last leg of the journey, the chiffchaffs greeted us (there are so many this year) and a robin with a beakful of bugs stopped by. As we walked back down the garden, another red Kite soared overhead, rounding off another lockdown-limited exercise period.

Get out there if you can do so safely, make the most of the weather, the nature, the flora and fauna. I hope the physical and mental benefits can help to get you through the next few weeks.

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